Amassment was a solo exhibition that took place at Mount Florida Gallery and Studios, Glasgow, celebrating the act of accumulation which is central to David’s practice. Over the years David has built up several bodies of work which have each slowly adapted over time from one form to another, often employing the same scaffolding motif. The show features a table-top installation of objects David nicknames ‘podels’ (hybrid of paintings and models), along with a salon-style hang of paintings which have been cast in plaster. The paintings used to make these have been either found, purchased or sent to David by various artists across the country including:

Alistair Bamforth, Lennox Dunbar, Gage Ehmann, James Gow, Elena MacKenzie, Robert McCormack, Laura McGlinchey, Stuart Noble, Emma Rogers, Catherine Ross, Julie-Ann Simpson, Philippa Sibert, Hannah Stirling

Images by Christina Riley