Cast Paintings

Glasgow-based artist David McDiarmid is looking to borrow paintings made by other artists. The purpose of which is to make moulds and cast versions of said paintings.

The cast versions will form part of a collection held in David’s studio which he has installed as part of an installation in an exhibition before and will seek to do so again in the future once enough casts have been gathered. All participating artists will be credited when publicly displayed and the original paintings will be returned to participating artists along with a cast version once the cast has been made.

Any interested artists should note before submitting that while every care will be taken, the mould-making process may damage or destroy the painting so please bear this in mind when choosing which painting to submit.

Participating artists will be asked to either drop-off their works or arrange postage to David’s studio (at the artists’ expense), however, David will cover costs for the return of the paintings (and cast version) back to the participating artists.

If interested in submitting, please email an image of the painting you wish to be considered to with your name followed by Cast Painting Open Call in the subject line and fill out the form below:


Above image by Christina Riley