The Museum of the Construction of the Museum of the Construction of the Metro



I’ve been rather busy of late working away on a commission but recently enjoyed seeing one of my new works in progress on display as part of Visual Artist Unit‘s Annual Members Show. This year’s show was held at the fantastic St Margaret’s House which boasts a very vast gallery space with lots of natural light, allowing for the submission of something a little more ambitious!

The Museum of the Construction of the Museum of the Construction of the Metro is a new installation which has involved revisiting older works, examining the different processes involved when making these works and observing how they all tie together.

This particular version starts with the revival of an old painting titled Megalomania from my Degree Show in 2013. The board used for the painting originally started life as part of a set for a model I’d made, the board being made up of hundreds of miniature scale floor boards. I photographed this set up playing about with light and scale and the resulting photographs were used as source imagery for the painting.



I’ve always found this completely unplanned but natural progression of processes of a painting starting life as a sketch and then in turn being changed from a part of a model to a photograph to a painting an interesting way of making work. This was the inspiration behind The Museum of the Construction of the Museum of the Construction of the Metro, where all parts of this process are brought together and displayed as a museum exhibit, with one additional process being added – a plaster cast of the original painting.

This is most definitely unfinished business but it was useful to see the installation in situ at this stage and see where to take it next!



Very proud to have been involved in curating and installing the exhibition, Toaty Wee, with Visual Artist Unit, for which I also have a wee work on show.

Toaty Wee is an open call exhibition with the focus of works on the concept of miniature. We received over 60 submissions and more than 100 teenie, tiny artworks which have all been installed in Stuart Noble’s incredible scale-model gallery spaces!

The exhibition is open now at our studios at Crownpoint Road and continues until Thursday 7th April! Email to arrange an appointment!

VAU Members Show 2015

Delighted to announce that I’ll be co-curating and exhibiting a piece of work for Visual Artist Unit‘s 2nd Annual Members Show to be held at Generator Projects in Dundee from 15 – 23 September this year!

VAU is an art organisation I co-founded along with a group of dear friends from art school after we graduated, and aims to support the ongoing development and establishment of emerging artists based in Scotland and to improve public engagement and access to contemporary art. This year’s Members Show will host individual works by 32 emerging artists based across Scotland and also London, so it’s bound to be an eclectic mix of exciting work!

To find out more about the projects VAU runs, please click here and by all means sign up to their mailing list to keep up to date!

Members Show 2015