Artists’ Spread was an event held on Sunday 12 August 2018 at Glasgow’s Project Café, which sought to raise a dialogue around the sustainability of artistic careers and the financial vulnerability of artists. This took the form of a pop-up restaurant run entirely by practicing artists who also maintain employment in the hospitality industry. As well as providing the dining service, artists Angeli Bhose, David Fagan, Eilidh McKay, Robert Thomas James Mills, Stuart Noble, Ameena Nur and Emma Rogers created exclusive artworks which were incorporated into the culinary experience in surprising and fun ways. Artists’ Spread sought to not only open up questions around the sustainability of artistic careers and the financial vulnerability of artists, but to provide potential answers and solutions.

The project ran at a small loss, however, from the income gained, artists were paid for their time worked in their respective hospitality roles as well as provided with a production budget and artist fee for producing the artworks involved. This is important as cuts continue to be made across the arts and artists struggle to keep their practice going on top of juggling other work. In addition, feedback from attendees following the event was incredibly positive with 100% stating that they would like to see Artists’ Spread become a permanent venture. Full feedback from the project can be viewed here.

Being a pilot project, the overall loss was almost inevitable, however, with the knowledge gained from the project’s first iteration, it is hoped that Artists’ Spread can in time become a self-sustaining artist-led initiative.

Images by Christina Riley

Logo designed by Jon Nicolson