Below you’ll find all of David’s major works since his Degree Show at Gray’s School of Art in 2013. All works are for sale unless otherwise stated. In some cases you can adopt David’s works for your home or work space through the Sculpture Adoption Scheme run by Sculpture Placement Group

Crumbshots, ongoing.

A new series of prints made using slices of bread sourced from various bakers and bakeries operating in and around the Glasgow area. David aims to document and promote the current rise of real bread baking throughout Glasgow and beyond, showcasing the varied crumb structures of different loaves, fascinated by the art of bread-baking and its unpredictable nature.

Supporting Scotland The Bread’s aims to make a healthy impact on the Scottish food system through the production of nutritious and delicious flour and spreading the baking skills needed to bring good real bread to the places where it will have most effect, David will be donating to them £5 from each print sale.

Fruit & Veg, Ongoing.

Since the first lockdown, during a time in which stockpiling, long queues at supermarkets and food supply issues swiftly became new norms, David has been creating an ongoing series of paintings as a tribute to fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes as a means to support those suffering from food poverty during the current crisis.

£5 of every sale will be donated to Locavore’s Good Food Fund which Locavore uses to buy fruit and veg at cost price and pass it on to their partner organisations who run emergency food provision for those living in poverty.

40 Oranges, 2019.

Oil paint on recycled wood panels. A painting series inspired by reports that Idi Amin ate up to 40 oranges a day believing they were “nature’s viagra”, David painted 40 oranges in the equivalent of a day.

Britannia Panopticon Model, 2019.

Cast sandstone jesmonite model mounted in bespoke frame.

Amassment, 2018.

Plaster casts of paintings provided by other artists. Ongoing series.

The Centre For Revolutionising, 2017.

Tabletop installation of art objects made with plaster, pine, glass, vintage 35mm slide viewers, and oil paint.

Archetype, 2015

Oil paint relief prints on cast plaster tiles. Series of 125 tiles.

Prop II (Basilica), 2014

Jesmonite, mdf, perspex and golf leaf model on custom-built mdf plinth, mounted with 4 plaster tiles inlaid with jesmonite.

Projection Models, 2015

0.28mm carbon fibre models with balsa and gold leaf, mounted in 35mm slide mounts. Series of 40.

Megalomania IV

Megalomania IV, 2015.

Plaster cast tiles inlaid with jesmonite, mounted on board.

Megalomania III (Frontispiece)

Megalomania III (Frontispiece)

Jesmonite cast and cement cast tiles with acrylic, gold leaf and varnish, mounted on board.

Megalomania II

Megalomania II, 2013

Acrylic, grout, tape and varnish on cement cast tiles, mounted on board.

Abeyance, 2013

2 paintings in watercolour and varnish on cast cement tiles, suspended between a wall and a false pillar, on top of a pine, mdf and golf leaf model scaffold.

Other works

Model for The Plinth, 2015.


Projection, 2015.


Accession, 2013.

Delusion of Grandeur

Untitled, 2013.


Prop, 2013.

Purchased by the Highland Council Collection. Viewable from Art UK